Announcement regarding avro-fastserde library

The avro-fastserde library is now supported by LinkedIn.

Posted by Piotr Jaczewski on December 16, 2020

We are glad to announce that our in-house developed avro-fastserde library, which cleverly boosts the performance of Apache Avro (de)serialization, was recognized (around 32:00) and successfully adopted by LinkedIn and from now on is maintained by them, with some cooperation from our side, as part of their avro-util set of libraries. LinkedIn’s fork is the superset of the original implementation and provides nice features and improvements:

  • improved memory footprint
  • implemented object reuse during deserialization
  • compatibility layer for various Apache Avro versions
  • automatic classpath resolution for generated code compile phase

We strongly encourage users to migrate, since the original has been deprecated and will not be supported anymore.

Happy (de)serializing!